Where to Buy

CSA, the Farm Gate and at the Perth Farmers’ Market

Vegetables are available at our farm gate, through our CSA¬†(community supported agriculture) and at the Perth Farmers’ Market. Eggs are available year round on-farm. Storage vegetables such as garlic, onions and dried beans are often available throughout the year and we endeavour to begin supplying fresh greens in late April or early May.

Late summer offering at the Lanark Harvest Festival

Perth Farmers’ Market

Joanne and Jeff at the Perth Farmers' Market, June, 2015

Joanne and Jeff at the Perth Farmers’ Market, June, 2015

Christmas Farmers' Market

Christmas Farmers’ Market

On most Saturdays from May until October, 8:00 am until 1:00 pm, we can be found at our stand at the Perth Farmers’ Market.

Come out and visit this friendly, intimate market and all that our local farm community has to offer.

CSA and Our Farm Gate

The generosity and artistry of Michael Nault

The generosity and artistry of Michael Nault

We offer subscribed customers an opportunity to pick up vegetables and eggs on-farm each week from approximately late April until the end of November.

This differs from a conventional CSA in that you are able to choose what you want each week from a list that we send out mid-week and you are assured of first choice before we go to Market. There is no obligation to volume and you are free to take as many weeks off as you wish.

Pickup is from noon Friday until 8 pm and Saturday between 8 am and noon.

There is a one-time subscription fee of $100 which will drawn down as purchases are made each week. Once the $100 has been drawn down, it can be topped up or payments for each week’s purchases are due in cash at the time of pickup.

For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

As well as seasonal vegetables through our CSA, we sell our pastured chicken eggs at the farm year-round. Vegetables are often available through the week for customers coming for eggs.

Note that, although we raise dairy goats, we produce milk and dairy products for our personal use only. We are not a professional or licensed dairy and do not sell cheese, milk or any other dairy products.